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Namco, one of the big names in video gaming, developed Starblade for the Sega CD in 1992. It’s highly addictive and certainly true to the source material despite all the hardware limitations. If you’re a rail shooter fan, this is a game you must play

Genesis Reviews

Elemental Master

Shooter fans love Techno Soft. Fewer companies have produced more quality games in the genre than it has, and the Genesis was especially blessed by its talents. Everyone knows of the Thunder Force series, of course, but there’s also another vertical shooter that unfortunately doesn’t get as much love. Well, we’re here to change that with a full review of Techno Soft’s other classic, Elemental Master.

Genesis Reviews

Dragon’s Fury

Video pinball can be quite hit and miss, and gamers everywhere have their preferences on every console. The Genesis is home to many titles in the genre, and none are more controversial than Dragon’s Fury, otherwise known as the port of the great Devil Crush for the TurboGrafx-16. Is it worth your hard-earned cash?

Genesis Reviews

Herzog Zwei

Technosoft was one of the truly great videogame studios. Based in Japan, they are best known for their brilliantly innovative shoot-em-ups, their careful attention to visual detail, and their unforgettable musical scores. They hit their creative peak in the early ’90s on the Sega Genesis: the masterful Thunder Force series; the surprisingly clever Elemental Master; a superb rendition of the best video pinball game ever made, Devil’s Crush. And early in the Genesis’ life span lay a little gem called Herzog Zwei.