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Shi Kin Joh

Sometimes, you find a game that seemed to completely escape you, and when you finally play it, it’s great. Sunsoft’s Shi Kin Joh is a perfect example of this. A cool Japanese maze game, it was actually compatible with the short-lived Mega Modem in Japan. Things like this make me that much angrier when I think of all the cool stuff we missed out on.

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Sega Legends: The TeleGenesis Modem

You love Xbox Live, and you’re eager to see how the Playstation 3 and Wii will measure up. You probably play PC games online and most likely had a ton of fun on SegaNet with your Dreamcast. But why not see where it all began? Before the Sega Channel and the Xband, there was the TeleGenesis modem, perhaps Sega’s most famous piece of vaporware. Why wasn’t it released in the U.S.? What was the service like in Japan and which games were available?