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Genesis Reviews

Red Zone

What’s this? Can this truly be my Genesis at work, without expansion carts or add-ons? Indeed it is! Zyrinx’s Red Zone is a graphical tour de force that plays as well as it looks. If you haven’t tried it already, read our full review and see what your next purchase must be.

Sega CD Reviews

Soul Star

Soul Star, from the company that brought us a Sega CD and Genesis version of Chuck Rock earlier on, decided to come back and go sci-fi this time, and to change from an action platform audience on towards a shooter stage. Were they successful? Not quite, but all-in-all the game is kinda neat. Even though parts of it are rather bland, there are other aspects which can make up for it all together. Soul Star was not a very successful game, but if patience strikes people, it can beckon to a rather cult audience who enjoys its style.