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Sega CD Reviews

Puggsy (CD)

The Genesis saw its fair share of computer ports, especially of the Amiga kind, due to the similarities in hardware. Psygnosis took great advantage of this easy avenue in porting, and it released many of its wares on the console. It was also one of the few developers to embrace the then-struggling Sega CD, and a good portion of its catalogue appeared there as well. Puggsy was one such title, and it received a cg-rendered introduction, as well as an enhanced soundtrack.

Genesis Reviews

Sonic 3D Blast

Sonic 3D Blast (also released on the Saturn as a last-second and a comparatively pathetic replacement for the doomed Sonic Xtreme) was the proverbial black sheep of the 16 bit Sonic games. Most gamers view it with downright negativity or, at best, casual indifference. But why? Just look at it… Showy isometric graphics that are full of color and detail, cool stereo tunes and sound effects, and a groundbreaking pre-rendered 3D opening movie! What could be wrong with it?

Genesis Reviews

Toy Story

Toy Story, released in 1995, was a movie done by Pixar, in full 3D animation. The movie became quite popular, and did well in the box office. The game came the following year, 1996, for the SNES, Sega Genesis, PC, and Gameboy. But does the game live up to the standards set by how well the movie did?