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Accolade brought the Amiga run-‘n-gun classic Turrican to the Genesis in 1991, sporting a great box cover by famed sci-fi and fantasy artist Boris Vallejo. Many Genesis gamers took the game at face value, unfamiliar with the decidedly different style of action game they were about to play. The result left a bad taste in the mouths of many, something that would remain until Factor 5’s stellar Mega Turrican arrived a few years later.


Forgotten Franchises: Turrican

One of the most famous run-‘n-gunners of all time was also one of the first to lock and load on the Genesis. Turrican was a franchise that spawned several consoles and PC formats until it upped and vanished suddenly. What happened? Why would such a popular character suddenly disappear? Read on and find out.

Genesis Reviews

Mega Turrican

Data East brought us one of the best run-‘-n-gunners on the Genesis, and gamers were amazed at the evolution of Turrican from his original Accolade release. That had a lot to do with these being the only Turrican titles released on the platform, but what a way to cap off the series!