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Genesis Reviews

Shadow of the Beast

Recognized by Genesis fans as one of the hardest action/platformers of all time, Shadow of the Beast reportedly owes its notorious difficulty to a higher refresh rate that made it run almost 20% faster than it should have. Lots of game pads lost their lives taking on this incredibly hard game, but there are those gamers out there who had the patience (and the extra controllers) to actually play through to the end. Are you man enough for the challenge?

Genesis Reviews

Adventures of Mighty Max

Every console since the dawn of time has been burdoned with licensed games. Even to this day, they line the shelves of local game stores, awaiting unsuspecting consumers looking to take an active part in their favorite movies and programs. The problem is that virtually all of these games suffer from one of two problems: weak source material or the developer only having an interest in a simple cash run. Which is The Adventures of Mighty Max?