Game Sites

  • Atari Age | Retro home brews, classic systems, all for sale!
  • Classic Gaming | Filled with tons of info on old systems as well as cool retro sites.
  • Classic Gaming Expo | The place for info on the biggest retro event of the year.
  • Chudah’s Corner | Lots of great info on game soundtracks.
  • Digital Press | The online Mecca for classic gamers!
  • Eidolon’s Inn | Classic gaming site with tons of info.
  • Fantasy Anime | Awesome site with tons of pics, downloads, and guides!
  • FORS YARD | Cool site devoted to a chronological history of Genesis releases.
  • GSHI | Quite possibly the most awesome code site around. Need a code? They’ll hack one for you!
  • Game Faqs | Huge forums and lots of reviews and walkthroughs for just about everything.
  • Game Genie | Game got you down? Find some codes!
  • Genesis Project | Recently brought back, it has manual scans and plenty of Game Genie codes.
  • Green Hill Zone | An incredible site devoted to every game Sonic Team has made. Hours of reading fun!
  • Hardcore Gaming 101 | One of the best sites out there, with tons of info for all systems!
  • Honest Gamers | Reviews and articles on games, both old and new!
  • Old School Gamer | Repairs, A/V upgrades, BIOS mods, and more for virtually all video game systems.
  • Overclocked Remix | Huge resource for remixed music that all gamers will love.
  • PAL Mega CD Library | Nice site with excellent screen shots!
  • Perfect Conversion | A fun little site with lots of Sega and Nintendo content!
  • Phantasy Star Cave | A terrific site for Sega’s premier RPG series. Fan translation patches and more!
  • Phantasy Star Pages | Another great resource for Sega’s classic RPG series.
  • Penny Arcade | Great for video game satire and comics.
  • RadioSEGA | Listen to the greatest Sega tracks all day long!
  • Retro 247 Games | Nice site with tons of retro remakes and freeware!
  • Retrobase | One of the best sites around for retro gaming info.
  • Retro Gaming Radio | Come listen to all the hits from your favorite games!
  • RPG Classics | A wonderful site filled with some excellent walkthroughs for Genesis RPGs.
  • RPG Fan | Another good place for info on RPGs.
  • RVGFanatic | A great comprehensive site devoted to the SNES!
  • ScrollBoss | A massive resource for sprites and all kinds of goodies!
  • Sega 16-Bit Web Page | Fellow Genesis site with reviews and scans!
  • SegaXtreme | A quality Sega site with one of the largest soundtrack collections available.
  • Sega CD Universe | Great fan site devoted to the CD add-on!
  • Sega Collection | Great site for info and exclusives. Gracious source of some of our review photos.
  • Sega Collector’s Guild | Awesome Sega site with info for all of their consoles.
  • Shining Force Central | The place for all things Shining on the internet.
  • Shin Force | An all Sega site covering everything from the Master System to the Dreamcast, and beyond.
  • Shmups.com | One of the premier sites devoted to this immortal genre!
  • SNES Hub | Excellent review site for the Genesis’ chief opponent. Lots of quality material to read!
  • Sonic Gear | Home of the largest collection of Sonic good anywhere!
  • The Next Level | Awesome site for game talk and features. Lost of good people here.
  • Twin Galaxies | The definitive record book for all games, arcade and console.
  • VideoLamer | Consistent fan site with some great articles. Tons of great reading material!
  • Video Game Museum | Huge site dedicated to info on just about all systems.


  • Comical Games | Excellent source of retro games and comics!
  • Console Passion | The U.K.’s largest retailer of retro games!
  • ConsoleMad | Plenty of excellent retro games for sale at this UK seller!
  • GameBrink | All the stuff you need for Xbox, PS2, GameCube, and portables.
  • GameGavel | A great new auction site specifically for gamers!
  • Genki Video Games | Plenty of retro goodness for sale for all systems.
  • Good Deal Games | The place for new games for old systems, including the Sega CD!
  • NCSX | A great import store with a wide selection.
  • Play-Asia | A great place for imports for all consoles.
  • Sega Parts | Need some games? Controllers? Console died? They’ll fix it!


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