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MEGA Bites Vol. 09

We’re back with some more news about your favorite console in today’s world. Some interesting developments have occurred since our last installment of MEGA Bites, and some of them are pretty odd. Well, I won’t weigh you down with introductions when there’s so much to read!

A New Collection is Coming!

Sega seemingly wasn’t content with the awesome Sega Genesis Collection it released last year, so it’s gone back and collected over forty of its best Genesis titles for a new compilation slated for release this spring. Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection features all the games that you’d expect, such as every 16-bit Sonic game and the whole Golden Axe trilogy, but it also boasts some we haven’t gotten before (remember, we asked about these?). All the Streets of Rage and every Shining title are on this disc, as well as some not released before. Hello Alien Storm!

Online play isn’t included (aww…), but there are achievements on the Xbox 360 and trophies on the Playstation 3. More importantly, all the games on this disc have been redone in 720 HD, so expect to see them looking much like the Sega Vintage Collection games already available on Xbox Live Arcade. The option to turn off the emulation filter in included, and while there’s been no word yet on the inclusion of leaderboards, it would be a shame for Sega to leave them out. We’ll be all over this like white on rice when it hits stores, and we might even have a little something extra for our loyal readers!

Even Terrorists Love the Genesis

You may have already heard of a New York Times story about Al Qaeda terrorists held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba having been previously trained to use Genesis cartridges to make bomb detonators. It’s a weird story, to be sure, but it shows that even extremists prefer Sega’s little black box. According to the article, which discusses how the next president will have to deal with the controversial prison, many of those held there were trained to use disguises, poisons, and yes – even Genesis cartridges to get their bloody message across. NY Times writer William Glaberson notes ”

One detainee is said to have been schooled in making detonators out of Sega game cartridges. A Yemeni who has received little public attention was originally selected by Mr. bin Laden as a potential Sept. 11 hijacker, intelligence officials say.”

So that’s what “Blast Processing” really means!

Sega vs. Capcom: FIGHT…?

Capcom seems to have a beef with everyone. It’s characters have faced off against Marvel’s super heroes, SNK’s fighters, fellow publisher Namco… the list seems to go on and on. Now rumor has it that the prolific publisher has set its eyes on another game maker: Sega. According to Protodude’s Rockman Corner, a fairly reliable source of Blue Bomber news, suggested as much.

Earlier today, I received word from an anonymous source that both Capcom and SEGA are set to unveil a cross over title during the Tokyo Game Show festivities dubbed, “SEGA vs. Capcom: Great Clash Generation.”

The game is described as a “hybrid RPG-fighting game” coming out on the Nintendo DS in Q1 2009 with a “likely” PSP port later in the new year.

SEGA is apparently heading the game’s development alongside Dimps. Capcom however will take on the role of supervisor.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but it would be quite interesting if it happened. I just hope we don’t see a repeat of Sega Superstars Tennis and only get Dreamcast era characters to use. Give me Kid Chameleon with a devastating mask change attack! Or a Blaze and Axel duel combo! C’mon Sega, at least let me see Joe Musashi cut Mega Man in half. Please?

Space Harrier’s Future Depends on… Thunder Force?

It very well might, according to Tez Okano, director of the recently released sixth installment for the Japanese Playstation 2. He recently communicated his feelings about doing the game to Edge magazine and suggested that any attempt to revive the franchise would largely depend on the success of his latest work. The new Thunder Force is the first step in a larger effort dubbed “Project STG,” which is an in-house effort to bring the shooter genre back by revisiting familiar franchises.

Okano really wants to see Harrier fly again.

“I need to demonstrate our approach is viable.” He told Edge. “But for my next step, I’d really like to work on Space Harrier. This is a unique game in Sega’s history that projected us into some incredible worlds and experiences. But the success of Thunder Force VI is the key to any future projects.”

He’s also interested in bringing back Fantasy Zone. Sound nice, but here’s a hint for Mr. Okano: get Sega to release Thunder Force VI outside of Japan. That might, you know, help with sales perhaps?

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