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MEGA Bites Vol. 14

There have been some recent rumblings in the 16-bit world of Sega, a world that surprisingly still has so much to offer. We’ve scoured the internet to find those tidbits of news of interest, and we’ve compiled them here for you in one easy to digest article!


Another Great-Looking Fan Game

Anyone who’s been playing Sonic games for any length of time knows that often, the quality of the games made by the fans exceeds that of those released by Sega itself (hey, Sonic 4, Ep. 1, where are you going?). From the awesome Sonic Megamix to the recently shown Sonic Fan Remix, there’s a ton of quality fan-made work out there.

That trend continues with the release of Sonic: before the Sequel and Sonic: after the Sequel, a duo of titles that serve as a “Sonic 1.5” and come between the first two original Genesis games. Both are very well done and boast neat graphical effects like smoke transparencies and rain. It’s definitely a nice variation to the games already released, and any Sonic fan needs to check these two out. The first game is finished and the second has a demo available, so go grab them and have some true 2D Sonic fun!

Speaking of Official Sonic Games…

After the staunch criticism received by the gaming public about the wonky physics in Sonic The Hedgehog 4, Ep. 1, Sega has reportedly taken the outcry to heart  and tweaked the gameplay to make it more like the original titles. Fans were really hoping that this sequel would be a true return to 2D form for the Blue Blur, and the first game fell below expectations. Hopefully, things will go a bit better this time around.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, Sonic 4 is an episodic direct sequel to the Genesis series of games, and the second installment is slated for release later this year on Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, as well as the App Store and Android market. We’ve got the teaser trailer for you right here, and we’ll be watching this one closely to see how the gameplay develops. Until then, take a gander at the official logo to hold you over until it hits!


A Fresh Batch of Watermelon

Public demand was so large that WaterMelon Group has confirmed a third printing of its monster Genesis RPG, Pier Solar. One of the best experiences on the console, this is one game that simply must be in every RPG fan’s library, and now you have a chance to buy it if you missed it the first two times around. This newest edition continues the reprint clamshell trend but has additional text options in Spanish and Portuguese.

WaterMelon has also put up a new site for all its releases.  Magical Game Factory is the place to buy all the company’s wares, including a massive four-disc definitive soundtrack to Pier Solar that includes the full score on two discs, a disc of unused and remixed tracks, MP3s and VGM files, and the enhanced disc from the game’s first release. Now all owners of the game can have the wonderful original CD so they can listen to the soundtrack while playing the game! Check out the new website for all the goodies.

 I Wanna Gotta Da Vita… to Play Genesis!

It isn’t even out in the U.S. yet, and the Sony PS Vita has already been made to run emulators. Using Half Byte Loader, a gamer by the username of frwololo has managed to get Genesis games running on the PS Vita though the Picodrive emulator. Reportedly, this was done while the Vita was in PSP mode and isn’t truly a hack, but you can bet that people will have this thing cracked within a year after its release. Additionally, other types of games from other platforms, like PC titles, can be seen in the video.

I don’t know what’s more surprising: the fact that a console is being modified before it’s even released worldwide or the totally apathetic reactions some people have expressed over the news on other websites. While this isn’t supposedly a real hack per se, I personally find it pretty surprising that the machine was opened up like this so fast. Just think of what the scene will be like one or two years from now.

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