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Teasers: Antarex

The homebrew developer 1985 Alternativo (maker of the 2013 release Oh Mummy) recently shared a video of gameplay for its new Genesis shooter, Antarex. Originally announced back in May of 2013, Antarex is an original title that looks to make some great use of the Genesis hardware. Additionally, the game seems to make use of a shop mechanic that allows players to upgrade their ships. It even pays homage to the announcement before each boss battle made famous in the Darius series.

Antarex has been making the rounds at game shows in Spain, and 1985 Alternativo put together this short video of the beta version from footage taken at RetroBarcelona on Nov. 22 and 23, frothing the demand of Segaphiles everywhere. Though the video is in Spanish, it stands to reason that the game will have a language option for a worldwide release. It’s great that developers continue to keep the Genesis platform alive, and this could be the start of a new line of shooter releases similar to the great run the Dreamcast has experienced over the past few years.

1985 Alternativo hasn’t stated how much the physical release will cost or when it will arrive, and the game is still in development. The developer is still taking suggestions about how to improve the game from fans, so head on over to its website and chime in! You should also check out the audio sample to hear a little of what you can expect when Antarex finally debuts. We’ll have more information as it’s made public, but for now just enjoy the video and begin to save those pennies for what looks to be yet another great new Genesis release!


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