Author: Nick Gibson

Genesis Reviews

Wonder Boy in Monster World

Westone’s reinvention of the Wonder Boy series reached a new level of greatness with this excellent action/RPG, and it in turn set the stage for the masterpiece that is Monster World IV. Every self-respecting gamer needs to give this one a play, so check out our review and see why your collection is incomplete without it.

Genesis Reviews

Samurai Shodown

The early 90s saw a flood of fighting games, and many thought that the Genesis would never be able to accurately port one of the premier Neo Geo franchises when it was announced that Samurai Showdown would see a release. Were they right? Read our full review and see for yourself.

Features, Stories from the Book of Genesis

Stories from the Book of Genesis Vol. 05

Our summer contest winner, Nick Gibson shares his tale of a boy finally discovering the wonder of Sega’s 16-bit console. Parents are not usually the most understanding people when it comes to video games, and Nick’s almost made him miss one of the best console generations in history! Check out volume #5 of Stories from the Book of Genesis to see why patience pays off, and why the Genesis charm is timeless.