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Tech Talk: Zero Tolerance Link Cable

Playing co-op on the Genesis is a common occurrence, but it’s an entirely different situation when two consoles are involved. Take the first-person shooter Zero Tolerance, for example. How would you like to play it on two separate Genesis machines? Or what about using two Nomads? There actually was a cable offered for just such a thing back when the game was released, but those are now few and far between. Making one of your own isn’t all that hard though, and staff writer Sebastian Sponsel shows us how in the latest installment of Tech Talk.

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Tech Talk: Replacing Dead Cartridge Batteries

There’s nothing worse than plugging in your favorite RPG or adventure title only to find that your game save has been wiped out due to a dead battery. In the past, you had to toss those dead cartridges and start from scratch. Necessity breeds invention, they say, and over the years people have found ways to replace those dead batteries and give their games a new lease on life.

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Seeing is Believing: Video Connections

For years gamers have been pondering the question: what’s the best video connection for my Genesis? Well, it took some time, but Sega-16 has heard your pleas. Contributor Joe Redifer has compiled a great guide to all types of connections, which ones are compatible with your particular model, and where to go for the best service. You owe it to yourself to give this one a read. Or do you want to play Gunstar Heroes in RF forever?