Author: Tom Briggs

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Sega Download: Genesis Virtual Console Vol. 10

The Wii Virtual Console started out strong, with lots of great (and even rare) Genesis games arriving each month. Lately though, things have slowed to a trickle, and it’s possible that this latest installment of our Genesis Virtual Console series may possibly be the last. That is, unless Nintendo realizes the potential it’s sitting on and cranks up the releases. Until then, enjoy the latest batch of games.

Genesis Reviews

Mutant League Football

Man, it seems like the Genesis was home to every variation of violent sport ever conceived. Baseball-playing robots and football-loving vikings aren’t alone though. Space mutants love ’em some pigskin too, and Electronic Arts and Michael Mendheim give us Mutant League Football, which offers some truly brutal gaming. There are no player unions here!

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Sega Ages: Terminator Games

Everyone should have believed him when he said “I’ll be back.” Now, Terminator: Salvation has finally hit theaters, and this latest outing seeks to reinvigorize the franchise and kick off a new trilogy. We finally get to see John Conner kick some ass, but what about all the other times Skynet has mangled the time stream, and John was a either whiny little kid or just a faint glimmer in his momma’s eye? There have been several game versions of the first two films on the Genesis and Sega CD, and staff writer Tom Briggs takes a look back at all of them in another installment of Sega Ages. So grab a phased plasma rifle in the 40 gigawatt range, and take on the machines!

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Hands-On: Sonic Chronicles: the Dark Brotherhood (Nintendo DS)

Last year, Sega and BioWare took us all by surprise by offering something many gamers had long hoped for – a Sonic RPG. After much anticipation, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood was released for the Nintendo DS and put gamers in the role of the Blue Blur and his friends, and this time, it was actually a good thing to have them along for the ride. We have a full hands-on with the game, so read on and learn why even an average 2D Sonic title trumps a 3D one each time, even when it’s in another genre altogether.