Author: Ryan Sullivan

Saturn Reviews

Sega Rally Championship

Sega wowed Saturn owners with a stellar rendition of its arcade monster, Sega Rally. Boasting impressive visuals, excellent gameplay, and an incredible soundtrack, it was enough to keep owners glued to their consoles for hours at a time. Coupled with the Arcade Racer wheel, Sega Rally is the perfect Saturn racing game.

Genesis Reviews

NBA Live ’96

EA continued its streak of great basketball games with Live ’96. While it wasn’t a major step up from the previous year, it made some minor adjustments that put it among the best games in the sport available on the Genesis. Opinions will vary as to which entry was best overall, but Live ’96 is a solid entry point for 16-bit B-ball fans.

Genesis Reviews

John Madden Football ’93

Football season may be over, but it’s always Sunday on the Genesis! Madden ’93 continued EA’s steady evolution of its gridiron juggernaut with the 1993 installment, and it offers a great time for anyone wanting to play armchair quarterback for a while. Grab some chips and a cold one and get ready for some football!