Author: Glenn Uhlendorf

Sega CD Reviews

Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective Vol. 1

One of the first games on the Turbo Grafx-16 CDROM to drop people’s jaws was Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective. An FMV game that proved much harder than it was interactive, it was eventually ported to the fledgling Sega CD (along with its sequel). Though it made impressive use of audio and video, the actual game itself wasn’t as ground-breaking, and many Sega CD owners today still steer clear of this one.

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From Amazon to Zunafish: Buying Genesis Online

Whenever someone decides they want to enter the wonderful world of the Genesis, a whole slew of questions arise. Which console variation should they get? What do they need to get started? Where should they shop for their games. With the amount of traditional brick and mortar stores selling Genesis items getting smaller all the time, more and more gamers are turning to the Internet for all their gaming needs. We’ve compiled a nice little list of places you might want to keep in mind when you shop online, so read our online buyer’s guide and get to buying!

Genesis Reviews

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Sometimes, it’s good to take a break from all the great shmups, platformers, and run-‘n-guns on the Genesis. Occasionally a nice, laid back type of game hits the spots. Those who remember computer lab in junior high already know which game I’m talking about, and everyone else would do themselves a favor and check out Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego, which spawned a lengthy series of edutainment games, as well as a cartoon series.

Genesis Reviews

Pirates! Gold

Swashbuckling adventure on the high seas is what awaits you in Microprose’s stellar Pirates! Gold. Probably one of the best titles on the Genesis, this is the one you show your friends when they say that PC games of the era weren’t suited for consoles. Sailing the Caribbean, looting ships and swooning fair maidens is what it’s all about, and no other game does it better.