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Double Take: Paperboy 2

Atari’s Paperyboy is considered an arcade classic, so when Mindscape and Tengen combined to produce a sequel, fans were naturally skeptical. Thankfully, the resulting game was a fun romp that did the original justice, even though it never came close to achieving the same level of greatness. Still, it’s worth spending some time with if it can be had for a low price.

Double Take, Features

Double Take: Zero Wing

Though most gamers remember Zero Wing for its horrible (and hilarious) mistreatment of the English language, there is actually a solid little shooter behind that infamous meme. Toaplan ported a competent game to the Mega Drive that had solid gameplay and cool bosses, but it was lost in a sea of shooters that kept it from coming to the U.S.

Double Take, Features

Double Take: Punisher

Marvel’s brooding vigilante, the Punisher, has been striking fear into the hearts of criminals for more than three decades. After making the rounds in arcades via a stellar Capcom beat-’em-up, Frank Castle blasted his way onto the Genesis. The port has always been a title of controversy, due to how watered down it is, but there’s a large portion of the Genesis community that loves it.