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Interview: Michael Latham (Head of SOA Omega Group)

The man behind the Eternal Champions series was Michael Latham, a Sega insider for nearly a decade, both as a designer and producer. Among his credits are Greendog: the Beached Surfer Dude and the Game Network. As leader of the Omega Group (the largest U.S.-based development team and most wide ranging at Sega), Latham is recognized with having been involved with over 50 products, ranging from software on every console the company made to even Sega Toys. It is with the Deep Water label and Eternal Champions, however, that Sega gamers know and love him best.

Features, Interviews

Interview: Kevin McGrath (Electronic Arts Programmer)

Kevin McGrath started his career in computer programming in 1982 at the ripe age of sixteen for the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium (MECC) working on educational software for the Apple II. He has worked for or contracted with several of the game industries top companies, including Dynamix, Electronic Arts, SEGA of America and Microsoft. At EA he worked on several SEGA Genesis titles including Populous, The Immortal and Road Rash II.