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Classic Interview: Patrick Lavanant (Sega France)

This interview with Sega France’s General Director Patrick Lavanant covers a variety of topics, including Sega’s multiple hardware platforms, the new 32-bit generation, the Sega Channel, and even Sega VR. It’s a fascinating look into one of Sega Europe’s biggest divisions and how it viewed the game market as the 16-bit generation entered its twilight.

Dreamcast Reviews

Samba de Amigo

One of the Dreamcast’s most innovative titles featured a dancing, maraca-shaking monkey. That alone should have been enough to call attention, but developer Sonic Team built an incredibly fun and engaging game around him. Samba de Amigo is a game no one with a Dreamcast should miss.

SG-1000 Reviews


Compile defied hardware limitations to bless the SG-1000 with a great shooter. Gulkave has variety, presentation, and a robust power-up system to keep players engaged over its 30 stages. If you’re looking for a new shooter for Sega’s first console, look no further.

Dreamcast Reviews

Cannon Spike

Despite its simple premise and short duration, Cannon Spike is a Dreamcast favorite. It combined frantic bullet action with large bosses to give players a quick burst of adrenaline. The high is a short one, but it’s definitely one worth pursuing, especially with a second player along.