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Double Take: Gaiares

In this excerpt from his forthcoming book, 100 Greatest Console Video Games: 1988–1998, author Brett Weiss takes another look at one of the most renowned shmups on the Genesis, Renovation’s Gaiares. What makes the game so popular? Why is it so damn hard? Read on and see!


The Sonic & Sega Fan Jam Is Back!

After a four-year hiatus, the Sonic & Sega Fan Jam is back! A Kickstarter badge pre-sale has been launched for the event, which will be held in Marietta, GA this November. Get ready for the return of one of the Sega fan community’s coolest events!

Master System Reviews

Sonic Chaos

Sonic had several outings on the Master System, some good and some bad. Sonic Chaos falls somewhere in the middle. Feeling more like basic training than a challenge, the game never really seems to get going. The result will leave many wanting more.


Interview: Randy Breen (Road Rash Creator)

Road Rash creator Randy Breen sat with us to talk about the landmark franchise on Sega’s consoles, his time at Electronic Arts, and where he thinks the game industry stands today. It’s a great, in-depth chat with the mind behind one of the most beloved series on the Genesis.