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Saturn Reviews


Warp’s horror title D likely did more to establish the reputation of its creator, Kenji Eno, than it did to advance its genre, but the game is a solid bit of fun. It was challenging and created a great atmosphere, despite some visual shortcomings and linear gameplay. It’s a great example of Eno’s visionary storytelling methods and is definitely worth checking out.

Saturn Reviews

Galactic Attack

The Saturn has a robust selection of shooters, but relatively few of them left Japan. One that people should definitely examine is Galactic Attack, known as Layer Section in Japan, a vertically-scrolling affair with lock-on attacks. It’s a solid port that has some great action, crisp visuals, and a great soundtrack.

Sega CD Reviews

Demolition Man (CD)

Break out the Taco Bell! Stallone and Snipes are on your Sega CD, and they’ve got lots of action and shooting to keep you busy. That is, unless you’ve already played the Genesis version. In that case, they’ve got the same game but with some grainy FMV scenes! Still, it’s worth adding to your library, since it’s a very solid action title.

Game Gear Reviews

Stargate (Game Gear)

What’s the best way to make a video game version of a Hollywood action blockbuster? Why, make it a puzzle game, of course! Well, maybe not. Stargate for the Game Gear ditched its shooting action persona and tried to emulate games like Columns and Tetris. The result? Well, we now know where Kurt Russell should have put that nuclear bomb…