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Immortal, The

You’ve blown through Crusader of Centy, finished Landstalker, played through Light Crusader, and you’re wondering what’s next. Well, before emitting a Darth Vader-like “all too easy” at the lack of adventure/RPGs left for you to conquer. Well, why not go back to the early years of the Genesis’ life and try out one that’s harder than all of those combined? If you’re looking for the big boss on the adventure/RPG ladder, look no further than Will Harvey’s The Immortal. There are more traps, goblins, and giant worms than you can shake a +1 Staff of Fire at!

Genesis Reviews


Taito apparently loved the Genesis, publishing a multitude of arcade ports that were highly playable, despite being toned down (downright cut up in some cases). There were quite a few games that never made the transition to the home market, but most of the company’s arcade catalogue of the time got a Genesis release. Cadash was one title that saw some questionable changes in its port (I understand only having two-player co-op, but why remove characters?) yet still remained enjoyable.

Genesis Reviews

Light Crusader

It’s funny how the debate still rages regarding Light Crusader. Many think it was a prime example of Treasure dropping the ball and consider it a exhibit A when presenting their theories about why the developer is overrated. Others think of it as a mere hiccup in an otherwise steady stream of quality releases by one of the most dependable developers in gaming. Then there are others who simply look at it for what it is: a decent action/RPG. Where do we stand? Read our full write up and see!

Genesis Reviews

Spiritual Warfare

Wisdom Tree sure had a run during the 8-bit era, releasing several mediocre games that were eventually ported to the Genesis…intact. Yes, games like Spiritual Warfare are perhaps the best justification for not trusting unlicensed wares, and we’ve the review to prove it. I’ll never doubt that Sega Seal of Quality again.

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Revengers of Vengeance

Tsk, I’m so disappointed. This could have been a fusion of genres on a level not seen since The Guardian Legend, and it instead is only a step away from being a total train wreck. Revengers of Vengeance shows potential and promise in several areas, only to ruin it all through horrible execution. On the bright side, we now have a blueprint of how not to make a hybrid.