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Genesis Reviews

Crusader of Centy

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If that is true, then The Legend of Zelda must be beet-red right now. Atlus’ Crusader of Centy is a direct homage to Nintendo’s classic franchise, but with a few twists to avoid a lawsuit. It’s still a great game, and we have a full review to tell you why.

Genesis Reviews

Chiki Chiki Boys

Chiki Chiki Boys is a great little game that plays a lot like Wonder Boy in Monster Land. Reprogrammed by Sega due to Capcom’s licensing issues with Nintendo, this colorful and engaging arcade port is a solid adventure that more people need to try out. It flew under the radar of a lot of people, and needs to be played!

Genesis Reviews

Arcus Odyssey

Renovation’s isometric action/RPG is one game that really shines when played with a friend. It features great combat and exploration, and the quest is a challenging one. This is one title you’ll definitely want to spend an afternoon with.

Sega CD Reviews

Dungeon Explorer

Not known for its huge array of RPGs, the Sega CD was practically an afterthought in the minds of gamers by the time Dungeon Explorer was released. By then, the Saturn and Playstation was dominating the press and many games slipped to the cracks into obscurity (see Ristar & Gunstar Heroes ). The fact that DE was a Gauntlet clone and a port of a Turbo Grafx game did little to help it catch the market’s attention, and the game was promptly forgotten.