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Battlemaster mixed action and strategy with less than stellar results, but there’s still some merit in playing. The world is interesting, and there are some fun mechanics among the clumsy HUD interface and execution. It may not be on the same level as Warsong, but it’s still worth a play.

Sega CD Reviews

Syndicate (CD)

Bullfrog’s dystopian classic saw a European Mega CD release, but it didn’t do much more than the cartridge version. Some lengthened cut scenes and a new soundtrack might entice some, and it still plays as well as its Genesis sibling. It’s not a bad purchase if it can be had for a decent price.

Genesis Reviews

SeaQuest DSV

THQ’s SeaQuest game tried to capture all the action of the show, and despite some neat visuals and deep gameplay, it kind of sailed under the radar (much like the show itself). The game is not bad at all, and those looking for a new action/strategy game to play might want to find a copy.

Genesis Reviews

Cannon Fodder

The Amiga has definitely lived up to its namesake where the Genesis is concerned. It’s been quite the friendly machine, providing many quality games that made the jump to the little 16-bitter. Some though, lent themselves better to the conversion than others, and a few have issues that really affect the experience. Take Cannon Fodder, for instance. The tiny sprites and status box really hampered what was otherwise an exceptional version of a classic game. It’s still playable, but how much so will depend on how good your vision is.