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Master System Reviews


Irem’s brawling hit came home to the Master System without much of a downgrade, and it even supported the console’s neat FM sound feature. An addition well worth tracking down and adding to any library, Vigilante remains a great example of how Sega’s 8-bit machine could deliver arcade hits.

Game Gear Reviews

Sonic Drift

Long before he was racing against all-stars on modern consoles, Sonic was burning rubber and drifting around tracks on the Game Gear. The first Sonic Drift game only saw a release in Japan, but it’s worth tracking down and adding to your library, despite its limited roster and track count.

Game Gear Reviews

Battletoads (Game Gear)

The NES classic pummels its way onto the Game Gear, but it seems like this port is what took a beating. Playing far worse than the 8-bit and Genesis versions, Battletoads on the Game Gear is devoid of everything that made the series so much fun. Another example of what happens when a series is farmed out to a different developer.