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Genesis Reviews

Batman: The Video Game

The first review of the new year! Sega-16 starts 2006 six with a batarang, with a review of the first of the Dark Knight’s adventures on the Genesis. Batman: The Video Game came out in the shadow of the awesome NES release, but was it better? You’ll have to read our review to find out!

Genesis Reviews

Batman Returns

Few icons have had as storied a history in video games as Batman. From a few bona fide classics to some real stinkers, the Dark Knight has a ton of releases under his utility belt. One of the more controversial titles was Batman Returns, based on the second film. Many debate its quality to this day, and we’ve a review to help you fence-sitters make up your mind. Hey, don’t say we never did anything for ya!

Genesis Reviews

Adventures of Batman & Robin

Sega’s last attempt at a Batman game is arguably the best on the Genesis, combining solid action and great co-op gameplay with some incredible special effects. It’s also as hard as it is good. Then again, no one ever said fighting crime was easy. Read our write up and get ready to add another game to your collection.