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Game Gear Reviews

5-in-1 FunPak

Board games on a game console might not hold much attention when released on their own, but bundled together, they can offer a package worthy of some time. Interplay’s 5-in-1 FunPak takes a few board game staples and puts them on a single Game Gear cartridge, complete with two-player option. Is it enough to hold one’s attention? Read on and see.

Genesis Reviews

Radical Rex

Had your fill of mascots yet? Tired of furry heroes running around, saving the day? Well then how Rex? He’s different! He has no hair! Um, no? Not convinced? Well, we don’t blame you. Aside from not being a mammal, Radical Rex offers nothing really all that different from all the other platformers on the Genesis.

Genesis Reviews

Blades of Vengeance

Blades of Vengeance is a classic side-scrolling hack-‘n-slasher that does exactly what it’s meant to. Gamers looking for some old school action should definitely check this one out. Interested? Then why not take a gander at our full review and see if this is a game you need to track down.

Sega CD Reviews

Radical Rex (CD)

Sonic The Hedgehog opened the floodgates for a slew of furry mascot characters that had attitude and some lame nemesis to destroy for the greater world good. Activision’s Radical Rex, released on both the Genesis and Sega CD (as well as the SNES), varied from that tired formula in one way: its hero wasn’t furry. Yes, Rex the Dinosaur bravely decided to stand out from the crowd by having skin and not fur, and his jumping, skateboard-riding, item-collecting talents were the envy of the platforming world. And thanks to his individuality and war against conformism, video games are better now.