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NFL ’94 Starring Joe Montana

Perhaps the biggest threat to Madden, Sega’s NFL series offered a great alternative for gridiron gladiators to get their digital fix. The series is considered by many to have peaked with the 1994 installment, which blended the famous Sports Talk feature with solid visuals and gameplay that required a better knowledge of play-calling than most football titles.

Genesis Reviews


Even after two decades, the myth persists that the Genesis had few RPGs. The argument of the uninformed, it still makes its way into console war conversations the world over. In reality, there are over 70 RPGs between the Genesis and the Sega CD, almost as many as there are shooters (which people say the console has too many of. Go figure.) We dispelled this myth in our RPG Roundup and our Left in Japan: RPGs feature. One of those neat little RPGs that gets overlooked by most is Electronic Arts’ TechnoClash. A cyber punk sort of adventure/RPG title, it was developed by BlueSky Software and features sprite art by Earthworm Jim’s Doug TenNapel.