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World Series Baseball

Fans of Take Two’s Major League Baseball 2K5 may or may not remember that the series has its roots in BlueSky Software’s incredible World Series Baseball franchise, which had several installments on the Genesis before reaching the pinnacle of perfection with World Series Baseball ’98 on the Saturn.

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Interview: Richard Karpp (BlueSky Software Programmer)

During Blue Sky Software’s stellar run on the Genesis it was the home to many talented artists and designers. One of its brightest stars was Richard Karpp, who had a hand in many classics and was the designer on BlueSky’s most memorable title, VectorMan. As both a designer and programmer, Karpp has lent his talents to many of the company’s Genesis titles, including Starflight and Jurassic Park. He has most recently been credited as one of the programmers for SCEA’s Playstation 2 hit The Mark of Kri and its sequel Rise of the Kasai.

Genesis Reviews

Jurassic Park

Let’s face it: everybody likes dinosaurs. After all, lots of them are big, fast, and vicious, and we humans have an innate fascination with any form of life that can so easily make mincemeat out of us. Steven Spielberg took advantage of our love affair with the beasts through his grand sci-fi flick, Jurassic Park; now the Genesis game, which is really only loosely based on the movie, tries its luck.

Genesis Reviews


VectorMan is a unique game in that is as much a platformer as it is a shooter. The game boasts some stunning rendered visuals, which give it a look all its own and were really advanced for its time. VectorMan is set in a post-apocalyptic world (circa 2049) that has been overrun by evil and it’s his job to defeat the evil scum WarHead and return the world to normal.