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Syndicate (CD)

Bullfrog’s dystopian classic saw a European Mega CD release, but it didn’t do much more than the cartridge version. Some lengthened cut scenes and a new soundtrack might entice some, and it still plays as well as its Genesis sibling. It’s not a bad purchase if it can be had for a decent price.

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Syndicate was quite a popular title during Bullfrog Production’s run, which ended when it was gobbled up by Electronic Arts in 1995. Playing like the love child of The Matrix and Wall Street, the game tasks players with all sorts of nasty objectives, like assassinating rival corporations or brainwashing targets into obedience.

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In real life, having lives in your hands can be a big responsibility. In video games, you can at least go to bed at night with a clear conscience if you lose a few. Take Populous, for example. Here’s a game that lets you be a god and control the destinies of an entire people, and man is it fun!

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Theme Park

It may be time to head back to school, but you can still have some fun on your favorite rides and attractions in Bullfrog’s Theme Park- or maybe not. Released for every console this side of the Game.Con, it does its best to mimic its more powerful siblings, but sadly falls short in the process, kind of like Euro Disney.