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Interview: Mark Bussler (Classic Game Room)

Enjoy our hands-on with the Classic Game Room DVD? Then you’ll love our full interview with the man behind it all, Mark Bussler. In this intriguing Q&A session, Mr. Bussler goes into detail about how the show was made, the reviewing process, and the impact it all had on Internet video game progams. It’s a great read, so don’t miss it!


Hands-On: Classic Game Room DVD

Classic Game Room was at the forefront of Internet gaming shows. Back in 1999, Mark Bussler and David Crosson slowly perfected their craft of witty and insightful reviews of games for all consoles, and they diligently worked on improving their product with a non-existent budget and a single camera. Recently, a documentary on the show’s rise and fall was released on DVD by Bussler and Inecom, and it tells the complete tale of this innovative beginning to one of the first Internet shows on video games.