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Syndicate (CD)

Bullfrog’s dystopian classic saw a European Mega CD release, but it didn’t do much more than the cartridge version. Some lengthened cut scenes and a new soundtrack might entice some, and it still plays as well as its Genesis sibling. It’s not a bad purchase if it can be had for a decent price.

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Total Football

Among the many Genesis soccer games is a title that was never released in North America. Total Football is a competent game that may be worth closer examination, but its quirky control scheme and sub-par feature list may keep more diehard fans glued to their copies of FIFA and Sensible Soccer.

Genesis Reviews


Are you really excited for the 2014 World Cup? Well, the action doesn’t end when the last game is over! Why not check out Marko’s Magic Football, a decent little platformer by Domark. Who doesn’t want to use a magic soccer ball to kill bad guys? And you get to recycle, too! What more could you ask for? Turn off ESPN and play some Genesis!

Genesis Reviews

Formula One

The Genesis has a ton of racing titles, and while there are the classics like OutRun and Micro Machines, there are stinkers like Formula One. This game skimps on the graphics in favor of speed but forgets one major detail: control. A racer is nothing if it controls poorly, and that about sums this one up.

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First-person shooters on the Genesis are few and far between. What’s worse is that some of that minuscule number didn’t even make it to all territories. Domark’s Bloodshot was one such game. Released in Europe (and in Germany as Battle Frenzy), it didn’t shoot its way to America until Good Deal Games snatched up the rights to the Sega CD version a decade later. Most likely a victim of a change in hardware focus, Bloodshot is actually a pretty competent FPS.