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Side by Side: Doom (32X vs. Saturn)

Sometimes, you really want to like a game, but it does everything in its power to keep that from happening. Case in point: Doom, a game released on about a million systems, arrived on two different Sega consoles in as many years. The problem is that both of them were well… less than what was expected. In fact, we don’t know which one is worse, so we shackled staff writer Nick Gibson to a desk and made him play them both extensively. After much suffering and even more caffeine, he’s given us his results. Read our comparison and see which Doom is the less potent of two poisons.

Sega 32X Reviews


Hmm, what have we here? A 32-bit add-on that promises all the bells and whistles, and one of its first titles is a half-baked port of one of the big killer apps of the era? Not quite the best way to introduce hardware. Yeah, it’s playable, but it’s also not full-screen and it’s missing levels. Buckle up friends and check out our review of Doom 32X, and don’t say we didn’t warn you.