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Sega Stars: Hiroshi Kawaguchi

For more than three decades, Hiroshi Kawaguchi has been the creative force behind many of Sega’s most beloved soundtracks. He has written music for all sorts of games, including classics like OutRun, Space Harrier, and After Burner; and he has played many of them live. Join us as we celebrate one of the greatest game composers of all time!

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Super Fantasy Zone

Anyone who is familiar with the Fantasy Zone series will feel right at home with the Mega Drive sequel. Controls are essentially the same and the premise has not changed at all. After O-papa, (Opa-Opa’s dad) is killed by the returning Dark Menon (sounds like a perfume company), little Opa takes on the mantle of space savior and sets out to finish the job his father could not. Using all his skill and armament, he battles through ten stages of baddies in order to eliminate Menon once and for all.