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Holiday Gaming: Thanksgiving Pigskin Round-up

Thanksgiving: a time for family, counting our blessings, the largest spread of food you’ll see all year, and football! Yes, Americans love their football. The holiday just wouldn’t be complete without it. The Genesis is especially strong in this area, boasting the best pigskin games during the 16-bit era. There’s something for everyone here, even those looking for something less…traditional.

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Holiday Gaming: 10 Games for Halloween

Sega-16 will be examining games related to these holidays as the year progresses, beginning with everyone’s favorite spooky celebration: Halloween. In my eyes, Halloween is a day to be observed in three ways: dressing up like a fool, stuffing yourself silly with candy, and playing something scary. This is ironically one of the Genesis’ stronger themes, as holidays go, as there are quite a large number of horror and fright-orientated titles available.

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Holiday Gaming: Games for St. Valentine’s Day

We here at Sega-16, in our never-ending quest to educate about the joys of Sega’s 16-bit wonder, have compiled a humble little list for you to help decide what to play on St. Valentine’s Day. Remember, you want to do things together, right? You want to share in each other’s interests, right? Well, if you can go antique shopping or stand by quietly as she tries on half a dozen outfits (only to buy nothing), then she can play Genesis with you for a bit!