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Genesis Reviews

Jeopardy! Deluxe Edition

Jeopardy! has maintained a solid presence on game consoles, with multiple editions available for the Genesis and Sega CD. Sadly, the Deluxe Edition turned out to be little more than what would today be called an expansion pack. Only the most diehard Trebek fans need apply if they need this one to go along side their original and sport editions.

Genesis Reviews

Jeopardy! Sports Edition

This… is… Jeopardy! For the three people out there who have yet to play a version of Merv Griffin’s classic game show, we have a full review of the sports edition. How well do you think you know your sports? Grab a control pad and take on completely unknown athletes in a brain game that’s sure to blister your fingers! Read our full review for more details, and be ready to settle for a year’s supply of Turtle Wax.

Sega CD Reviews

Jeopardy! (CD)

Jeopardy! is one of the longest running game shows in history (Bob Barker and The Price is Right still owns them all), and just about every console under the Sun has seen some version of it. The Sega CD is a member of this club, with an enhanced version of the Genesis cartridge. If you’re looking for some game show action, why not read our full review and see if this version is the one to get?

Genesis Reviews


The game we have today is Jeopardy. The original was soon followed by Deluxe and Sports versions in the same year. It came out during the streak of game show games being released for both Genesis and SNES. Apparently, someone at GameTek thought that game shows would be the next big cash cows of the gaming industry. I don’t think so.