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Mickey’s Ultimate Challenge

Mickey Mouse had a long run on the Genesis, with some games being better than others. You mostly hear people talk about Castle and World of Illusion or Mickey Mania when the good ones are mentioned, and Fantasia usually tops the list of the bad. However, no one ever really mentions Mickey’s Ultimate Challenge. I wonder why that is? Isn’t it good, or is it a total stinker?

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Side by Side: Castle of Illusion (Genesis vs. Game Gear)

Sega’s Castle of Illusion is considered a classic by many Genesis fans, but what many people don’t know is that a Master System version was also released. To some, it’s actually the better of the two, and being the diehard Mickey fans that we are, we decided to put the two into the spotlight and see which came out on top. The verdict? They’re both two damn fine games that any platformer fan needs to play. Read all about our comparison in the latest installment of our Side by Side series.

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Sega Ages: The Mickey & Donald Games

Few cartoon pairs are more famous than Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. The duo has conquered cinema, television, comic books, and even video games. That last category is especially interesting, considering the wealth of exposure the two received at the hands of Sega. Spanning the Genesis, Master System, and Game Gear; Mickey and Donald starred in over a dozen games, most of which were highly playable and truly entertaining. We’ve compiled a short list of some of their exploits for the first installment of our Sega Ages feature, which takes a look at first party Genesis games based on certain brands.