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Preview: Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion (3DS)

Later this year, Disney Interactive and developers DreamRift (Monster Tale) and JunctionPoint (Epic Mickey) will be bringing an all-new Mickey Mouse adventure to the 3DS. While there have been plenty of games over the past two decades that have featured Disney’s iconic mascot, this one has a little special something that sets it apart from the rest:

It’s part of the Illusion series.

Genesis and Master System owners fondly remember that series of games featuring Mickey and later Donald. Castle of Illusion and World of Illusion are two of the most beloved Genesis games out there, and many contend that the Master System actually got the better version of Castle. Most fans thought that the series ended with the onset of the 32-bit generation, but Disney has apparently proven us wrong and, and with gaming legend Warren Spector’s input, DreamRift and JunctionPoint have crafted a direct sequel to Castle of Illusion.

Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion stars Mickey in an adventure that pits him once again against his old nemesis, Mizrabel. The famed Castle of Illusion has fallen into the Wasteland (the alternate world environment of Epic Mickey 2), and Mizrabel is trapped along with it. To escape, she’s hatched a plan for entrapping currently famous cartoons in the castle in order to drain their cartoon essence. Of course, only Mickey can stop her and save the cartoon worlds from destruction, and his paint brush and thinner will be his weapons against Mizrabel’s even minions.

Using the 3DS’ dual screens, Power of Illusion allows the player to use a special drawing and painting function to create 2D illustrations of objects that take on the form of classic Disney drawings on the bottom screen. They can then transform them into completely rendered 3D forms by moving them to the top screen. This feature is integrated with some classic, 2D platforming action, and we fully expect to be butt-stomping enemies as much, if not more, than we’ll be painting them.

JuunctionPoint head Warren Spector seems quite happy to extend the Epic Mickey franchise onto the 3DS and connect it with one of the company’s most remembered gaming series. “The original Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse changed the face of video gaming by allowing players to play as Mickey Mouse in a side-scrolling adventure full of dynamic environments, he says. “We’re honoured to be able to pay tribute to this classic video game by creating a title that  truly takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS, putting the magic of Disney and the historic Castle of Illusion in the palm of your hands.”

Expect Power of Illusion to paint its way onto the Nintendo 3DS this fall. Do we really need to say that we’ll be all over this one?


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