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Namco, one of the big names in video gaming, developed Starblade for the Sega CD in 1992. It’s highly addictive and certainly true to the source material despite all the hardware limitations. If you’re a rail shooter fan, this is a game you must play

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Klax (Mega Drive)

Namco released a version of Klax that was a bit different from Tengen’s, with better sound and a true two-player mode, making it much more faithful to the arcade original. It only came out in Japan but should be obtainable for those puzzle fans looking for the optimal Klax experience. The ’90s may be over, but there’s still time for Klax.

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Namco’s early 16-bit efforts are a lot of fun, and Genesis owners everywhere should check them out. Among the batch is an underrated sports title that mixes American football with soccer (and a bit of wrestling). With its simple gameplay and frantic pace, fans of brutal sports games might want to give Powerball a spin.

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Kyuukai Douchuuki

Cute takes on standard genres are common in video gaming. Shooters with cute characters are a sub-genre all their own, and the trend even extends to sports. Namco made some of the better known examples, and its World Stadium series was highly popular in Japan. Sadly, the west saw it only in the first R.B.I. Baseball game and Batter Up on the Game Gear.

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Quad Challenge

Namco’s 1989 arcade racer Four Trax came to the Genesis as Quad Challenge, and while it’s not a bad racer to spend some time with, it pales next to other games available at the time. Plain visuals and a dearth of gameplay options leave little meat on the bones of what was most likely the first ATV game on consoles.