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Master System Reviews

Sonic Chaos

Sonic had several outings on the Master System, some good and some bad. Sonic Chaos falls somewhere in the middle. Feeling more like basic training than a challenge, the game never really seems to get going. The result will leave many wanting more.

Genesis Reviews

Tintin in Tibet

Tintin has been a classic comic hero for over a century, so it was only natural for him to get his own video game. It’s based on the 1960 book and features visuals were straight out of the comic. Lamentably, the gameplay and difficulty make this one adventure better left to the printed page.

Saturn Reviews

Deep Fear

Sega’s answer to Resident Evil puts more emphasis on action than survival horror, but it manages to mix things up enough to offer a fun undersea romp with some inspired monster designs. The voice acting is atrocious, but the gameplay is solid enough to give fans of the genre another quality title for their Saturns.