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Genesis Reviews

Premier Manager

Like soccer? Enjoy simulation games? Then we have a combination for you. Premier Manager brings all the excitement of the industry to your Genesis sans the gameplay, presentation, and excitement typically associated with the sport. It’s deep and involving but not overly exciting if you’re used to traditional soccer titles.

Genesis Reviews

Power Drive

Rally racing is an underrepresented sub-genre on most consoles, but many people are surprised to know that there are rally games on the Genesis. Power Drive is one of the better examples, presenting a solid package of visuals and gameplay. Fans would do well to give this European import title a try.

Master System Reviews

Sega Chess

Chess, the game of kings, actually had an official release for the Master System, though it was only in Europe. Though competent, the game pales in comparison to its unlicensed Genesis sibling. Still, if you’re a fan of the game and really need to play an 8-bit version of it, then Sega Chess might be something worth looking into.

Game Gear Reviews

Alien Syndrome (Game Gear)

Sega’s classic Alien Syndrome has been ported to many consoles, but the Game Gear version may just be the best one. New levels, stackable weapons, and great presentation make this one run-‘n-gun worth importing. It’s only single-player, but there’s more than enough action for any alien hunter!

Master System Reviews

Champions of Europe

With the popularity of soccer in Europe, it’s not surprising that consoles there saw some releases that never made it to North America. Champions of Europe for the Master System is one example, and judging by the gameplay, perhaps it was better left on the other side of the pond. It’s not great, but it has nothing on excellent releases like Sensible Soccer.