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Master System Reviews

Sagaia (Master System)

Taito brought its Darius goodness to both the Genesis and the Master System (outside the U.S.), and the latter turned out to be a very good version. It’s lacking in some areas, but the overall essence of the game still shines through. Fans will want to try and catch this fish and give it a play.

Master System Reviews

Speedball (Master System)

The Bitmap Bros. are renowned for their excellent games, titles that are both well-presented and that play great. Speedball on the Genesis is a great example of that, but the Master System port, done by Mirrorsoft/Image Works, doesn’t fare as well. Everything that made the Genesis version so good is missing, so there’s no reason to bother with this version.

Master System Reviews

Master of Darkness

The classic Castlevania series was the envy of Master System owners everywhere for many years, until Master of Darkness was released in 1992. An excellent game that sported great presentation and gameplay, it never came to the U.S. on the console, but import versions are thankfully inexpensive. This is one to own!