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Genesis Reviews

PGA European Tour

On the Genesis, Electronic Arts developed a reputation for solid golf titles that largely endures to this day. The PGA series has long been its signature series, and the variety within the franchise, while not major, was enough to give golf fans more than a steady diet of titles to enjoy. PGA European Tour continued that trend.

Genesis Reviews

Steel Talons

Quite a few of Atari’s polygonal arcade hits found their way to the Genesis, surprising many. Most were competent facsimiles of their coin-op siblings, but only so much could be done with software. The Genesis was simply not made to run advanced polygonal games, and while it may not reflect as much in the visuals, it certainly does in the framerate and gameplay.

Genesis Reviews

PGA Tour Golf II

No one today doubts the massive popularity of EA’s Tiger Woods series. It’s been a juggernaut for more than a decade, going back to its console roots on the Genesis as PGA Tour Golf, and even farther back than that on computers. The first title was a massive hit, and the sequel offered more of everything without really fiddling with the formula. Was it a recipe for success or did it hit the rough?