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Many Americans in early ’90s may not have seen all the great games that came out for computers, but they sure did get their fair share of Amiga love by way of the Genesis. Many great games were ported, among them Psygnosis’ Galahad, which was a tough action/platformer with great visuals. How does the Genesis version fare against the original?

Genesis Reviews

3 Ninjas Kick Back

Ah, licensed games. It seems that at some point, any movie making over a certain amount of money has to have a video game tie-in. Sometimes, the game is better than the film, and sometimes it’s worse. Most often though, the two suck about equally. 3 Ninjas Kick Back is one such title, and anyone who thinks that a trio of children could qualify as anything even remotely ninja-like deserve to spend a half hour in the company of the real thing – while dressed as a pirate. Oh yeah, I went there.

Genesis Reviews


Normally, gamers wouldn’t want to bear the burden of causing hundreds of tiny beings plummeting to their deaths due to negligence. Luckily, Sunsoft’s Lemmings allows for guilt-free gameplay. Based on the computer classic, the Genesis version offers a solid rendition that’s sure to keep the little blue and green fellows walking blindly into oblivion for quite some time.

Genesis Reviews


Some of today’s younger gamers might not know the name Henk Nieborg, and that’s a shame. As one of the most pronounced pixel artists in gaming, his work has adorned such classic titles as Lionheart (Amiga), Shadow of the Beast (multi-platform), and The Adventures of Lomax (Playstation). The first game he designed himself was a little platformer for the Mega Drive/Sega CD called The Misadventures of Flink. Incredibly detailed and bathed in some of the most gorgeous artwork of the era, Flink was equally remembered for being very, very long – and hard (damn hard, if I do say so myself).

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Puggsy (CD)

The Genesis saw its fair share of computer ports, especially of the Amiga kind, due to the similarities in hardware. Psygnosis took great advantage of this easy avenue in porting, and it released many of its wares on the console. It was also one of the few developers to embrace the then-struggling Sega CD, and a good portion of its catalogue appeared there as well. Puggsy was one such title, and it received a cg-rendered introduction, as well as an enhanced soundtrack.