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Saturn Bomberman

Hudson’s 32-bit Bomberman remains the defining entry in the franchise and perhaps the best multi-player game on the Saturn. It’s reason enough to own more than one multi-tap and as many controllers as you can find. If you’re looking for the ultimate Saturn party or tournament game, this is it.

Game Gear Reviews

Ganbare Gorby!

Sometimes, the weirdest concepts can make for a fun game, and few get weirder than Ganbare Gorby! for the Game Gear. What can one say about a puzzle game where you play as the former Soviet premier Mikhail Gorbachev as he passes out food and items to citizens? Weirdness aside, it’s an entertaining puzzle title worth tracking down.

Genesis Reviews

Klax (Mega Drive)

Namco released a version of Klax that was a bit different from Tengen’s, with better sound and a true two-player mode, making it much more faithful to the arcade original. It only came out in Japan but should be obtainable for those puzzle fans looking for the optimal Klax experience. The ’90s may be over, but there’s still time for Klax.

Game Gear Reviews

Columns (Game Gear)

If you’ve only played the Genesis version of Columns, then you need to track down a Game Gear and play the portable edition. It offers different options and a whole other feel to the gameplay that makes it more than just a watered-down port of its 16-bit sibling. It’s one of the best puzzle games on the Game Gear and arguably the best version of Columns overall.