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Master System Reviews

World Grand Prix

Most people tend to think of Hang-On and OutRun when they consider racing games on the Master System. Those are definitely two of the best, but there were others worth checking out. One of them is World Grand Prix. It’s not a genre-defining title, but it’s decent and worth some playtime, despite some flaws.

Genesis Reviews

Power Drive

Rally racing is an underrepresented sub-genre on most consoles, but many people are surprised to know that there are rally games on the Genesis. Power Drive is one of the better examples, presenting a solid package of visuals and gameplay. Fans would do well to give this European import title a try.

Master System Reviews

OutRun (Master System)

Sega’s classic racer zoomed onto the Master System in 1987 in a port that managed to capture the magic of the arcade original, despite the downgrade in hardware. Though outclassed by its Genesis and Saturn siblings, the 8-bit version of the game is still well worth playing, and it shows how well Sega’s arcade titles could transfer to the Master System.

Game Gear Reviews

GP Rider

Racing games can be fun on a handheld, especially when they’re part of Sega’s legendary motorcycle series. GP Rider manages to bring all the fun of the Hang-On games to the Game Gear, making this another quality title to add to your library. Don’t miss it!