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Arcade Reviews

Alien Syndrome (Arcade)

Sega’s 1987 sci-fi classic has done the rounds on multiple formats, but the best way to play it is in its original arcade form. Tense and action-packed, the game was a blast to play with a friend, and it hasn’t lost any of its charm or challenge over the years. It remains one of Sega’s arcade best.

Arcade Reviews

Mister Viking

Many of Sega’s arcade releases of the early ’80s have been overlooked, and there are some good titles worth checking out. One of them is Mister Viking, a 1984 run-‘n-gun that wasn’t spectacular but offered some decent fun for a while. It was manufactured and distributed in the U.S. by Bally/Midway, after Sega’s retreat from the U.S. market in 1983.

Game Gear Reviews

Alien Syndrome (Game Gear)

Sega’s classic Alien Syndrome has been ported to many consoles, but the Game Gear version may just be the best one. New levels, stackable weapons, and great presentation make this one run-‘n-gun worth importing. It’s only single-player, but there’s more than enough action for any alien hunter!

Master System Reviews


As with many of Sega’s arcade titles of the ’80s, Quartet found its way onto the Master System. There were many changes in the transition, and the popular four-player feature of the original was lost. Still, the version that came home was fun enough to spend an afternoon with, especially with a friend.

Master System Reviews

Ninja, The

The ’80s were all about ninjas, and the Master System did its pop culture duty in stellar fashion. The imaginatively-named “The Ninja” is a cool little run-‘n-gun that has all the shadow warriors, shurikens, and action you could ask for! Find a copy and get ready to save the Ohkami Province and its princess from the forces of evil!