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Robot Battler

On the Mega Drive, Sega began offering downloadable games via its MegaNet service. Robot Battler was among the titles released, but it offered little satisfaction compared to some of the other titles. Today, what novelty it has is gone, and the actual game is perhaps better left as a footnote in the company’s history.

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Sega’s Toshokan modem service in Japan had a few titles that were released here, such as Flicky and Fatal Labyrinth. However, there were quite a few that never came to the west, and 16t is one such title. It has that early ’80s arcade flavor to it, and while there’s not much depth, its simple to play and can be fun for a while.

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Teddy Boy Blues

Teddy Boy has been in arcades and on the Master System, but most gamers don’t know that he appeared on the Genesis as well. As one of the few TeleNet modem games released only in Japan, Teddy Boy Blues was a decent translation of the game. Those looking for another arcade maze title might want to check it out.

Genesis Reviews

Aworg: Hero in the Sky

A neat little game released for the Genesis modem in Japan, Aworg manages to be fun despite its flaws. The sparse presentation is thankfully overcome by great level design and challenging gameplay, something maze/puzzle fans will appreciate. It might not be the most complex game around, but it’s one that’s worth spending some time with.

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Sega Legends: The TeleGenesis Modem

You love Xbox Live, and you’re eager to see how the Playstation 3 and Wii will measure up. You probably play PC games online and most likely had a ton of fun on SegaNet with your Dreamcast. But why not see where it all began? Before the Sega Channel and the Xband, there was the TeleGenesis modem, perhaps Sega’s most famous piece of vaporware. Why wasn’t it released in the U.S.? What was the service like in Japan and which games were available?