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Game Gear Reviews

Shining Force: Sword of Hajya

The Shining games are some of Sega’s most beloved franchises, and there have been many great releases. The Game Gear was a big part of this, with an excellent entry in the classic Shining Force series. Everything that made fans fall in love with these engrossing strategy/RPGs on the Genesis has made the transition intact. This is definitely one to play.


Hands-On: Shining Force (iPhone)

Sega has certainly made a point to bring the original Shining Force to as many platforms as possible, with the game appearing on several compilations. Of course, a mobile phone version couldn’t be far behind, and the game slashed its way to the iPhone this past summer. So what better way to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the series than by giving this latest version a full hands-on?


Hands-On: Shining Force NEO (PlayStation 2)

The Shining series is alive and well, with perhaps the best release since Shining Force III on the Saturn. The newest game, Shining Force NEO, is a solid action/RPG, and while it may not be the classic Force game we all wanted, it’s an incredible game in its own right. Read our write up and see why Sega still has a few tricks up its sleeve.

Sega CD Reviews

Shining Force CD

In a bold move that pleased many fans, Sega upgraded and placed both Game Gear Shining Force games on a single disc for the Sega CD. They even went so far as to include some awesome extras, like a wonderful soundtrack and an exclusive battle! Shining Force CD is a definite purchase for strategy/RPG fans and Shining faithful alike!