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Saturn Reviews

Panzer Dragoon

Sega almost made up for the Saturn’s surprise launch with the phenomenal Panzer Dragoon. Inspired and full of ambiance, it wrapped simple, on-rails gameplay in brilliant presentation and showed us just what Sega’s next-gen hardware could do. This was the centerpiece of the Saturn’s early library and the forerunner of one of its greatest franchises.

SG-1000 Reviews


Compile defied hardware limitations to bless the SG-1000 with a great shooter. Gulkave has variety, presentation, and a robust power-up system to keep players engaged over its 30 stages. If you’re looking for a new shooter for Sega’s first console, look no further.

Sega CD Reviews

Robo Aleste

Coming from shmup masters Compile, Robo Aleste had big shoes to fill after the masterpiece that was M.U.S.H.A. As practically the only vertical shooter on the Sega CD, it also filled a much-neglected niche. How did it fare in both areas? Read our full review for all the details.

Sega CD Reviews


Namco, one of the big names in video gaming, developed Starblade for the Sega CD in 1992. It’s highly addictive and certainly true to the source material despite all the hardware limitations. If you’re a rail shooter fan, this is a game you must play

Dreamcast Reviews


The first 3D shooter in almost two decades arrived on the Dreamcast in early 2021. Xenocider combined fast-paced action with presentation and gameplay one would expect from an official release back in 1999. It’s a great shooter romp that shows Sega’s last console isn’t done thinking.