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Hands-On: Data Disc Vinyl Soundtracks

Sega collectibles can be few and far between, but Data Discs has released what has to be among the best out there. The British company offers a series of vinyl soundtracks that are draped in stunning packaging that pays true homage to each game’s history. They’re sure to quicken the pulse of both Segaphiles and audiophiles alike.


Hands-On: Comix Zone Music Sampler

Those who snagged a sealed copy of Comix Zone back in 1994 found a neat little extra inside. Sega and American Recordings included a free music sampler with a dozen songs from some of the popular artists of the era. There was something for everyone, from Danzig to Jesus and Mary Chain, and you had to admit that including it with the game was a cool gesture. This was back at a time when such things were few and far between. So how good was it?


Hands-On: Ecco: Songs of Time Music Collection

The quality of Spencer Nilsen’s Ecco the Dolphini scores is undeniable. Haunting yet inviting, they soothe and offer the perfect picture of what life under the sea must sound like. Many of the tracks from both games were released on a single CD entitled Ecco: Songs of Time, and Sega-16 staff editor Ben Galway has all the details on why it’s such a great piece to own.